The start of something…..

the new addition

As a skeptic on overuse of technology, but also as an admirer of it, I’ve finally given in to blogging. Why? Well I have alot to say at times and I like the idea of a blog. I like to share cool ideas as well as seek them.

My boyfriend and I recently adopted the cutest 3.5 yr old Pug named Walter. He joins our fuzzy family of Benji, our 7yr old Chow cross (also a rescue dog) and Betty, our 4yr old rescue cat…she’s a bit more fussy.

Anyways, the reason I mention Walter (Wally to his friends) is not only because of how cute he is, but because we rescued him from an amazing volunteer-run organization called A Better Life Dog Rescue. They are based in the lowermainland (Vancouver/White Rock BC), and all dogs they rescue remain in foster homes, which means they have no shelter. I had the pleasure of dealing with the rescue founder who was fostering Wally. I want to give these guys a shout out for the amazing work they do and encourage readers to check out their website to view the dogs or consider a donation/volunteer. As a student who rarely has extra $$ to spend, I understand it can be annoying to ask for donations but as an avid animal lover, ABL has won my heart.

SO….if you are a big softy when it comes to animals (like me) or feel like getting a bit misty-eyed after reading some stories, check out


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