So, today I had the rare chance to work from home….that is my coworker made the trip out to White Rock to spend the day working hard with me on a project while remaining “beachside”. If only every work day was like this! It just makes me realize how much I truly dread my trek into the big city (the transit commute does not help) to put in my 3 long work days a week. Now 3 work days a week doesn’t sound like much, but the length of the shifts are LONG and the 1.5hr commute each way, equals daylight dread.

How then, can I find a way to permanently work from home? Ideas? Ok, perhaps that is not exactly possible just yet.

In the meantime I might as well get the heck out of the big city lights (or at least working near them) and try a slower-paced lifestyle. This weekend my other half and I will take the 2 hour ferry ride to the land of Island Farms Dairy products

That’s right! The plan is to check out houses and liveable neighbourhoods that fit better than this crazy commute and insane housing prices and lack lustre dairy (seriously, have you tried IF milk?!)
It may seem like a drastic move but the way I see it is I might as well try out a new place and if it sucks, try something else. Afterall, I’m in charge of my own life so I might as well enjoy it – and I can assure you, I do not enjoy this commute nor the busy-ness.

So until I can figure out how I can get rich while sitting at home (or even just comfortably financially stable) we’ll attempt a move to the Island where rental prices are lower, the milk tastes better and I may even run into these guys on my commute!

But until the weekend arrives, it’s back to the grindstone of work and chipping away at my courses at home. How to stay focused!?


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