adventures on transit

As an aside, I’ve had a built up list of rants and observations from my regular transit commutes, mainly for me to get it all out.

The first topic of concern:

1) personal grooming and hygeine on the bus

Why is it that some people are completely ok with the following activities while on transit?

-flossing (yes, I’ve witnessed it and dodged some flack)

-nail clipping (this one was brought to my attention by John, who has a patient that is a bus driver. This apparently sets him off big time. Recently I heard the familiar sound of nail clippers at the back of the bus. disgusting)

-Q-tipping (I have not witnessed this, thankfully. But I have spotted the aftermath of some nasty and waxy looking q-tips – barf)

-painting nails – it stinks, especially on a hot stuffy bus that doesn’t have openable windows.

My recommendations for those who take transit are the following:

-carry purel or some form of antiseptic

-carry a small roll-on tube of your favorite scent – you can find these at The Body Shop, Escence, hippy places. You’ll be greatful.

-a small paper sack in the event that you need to be sick but be sure to do it nearest to the person that caused this reaction.

2) annoying situations on transit include:

-train station door blockers (these are the people who have mastered where to stand so that the train doors will open to them from the platform.) These idiots are the oblivious dummies that create a human wall that prevents you from getting off the train at your stop. MOVE idiots, let me off so that you can get on. BLAH!

-loud phone talkers (I don’t care what you did last night, what you are doing tonight, and what he said to you. Have your blab-fest before or after you are on a bus/train with hundreds of sweaty people listening to you)

-line jumpers – I take a bus from a station that often has a long line of people. line jumpers like to pretend that they do not understand the protocol for common human decency and will pop out of nowhere when the bus arrives and climb aboard first.

3) distracting fashion choices – this one can also be amusing

-Lenseless glasses frames (what is up with this odd new trend? Clearly these people have never really needed glasses and don’t understand how utterly ridiculous this concept is)

-unstable hi-heels. I like heels, and I admire the ladies and gents that can rock them. I do not applaud those who wear them and can’t properly walk in them, especially on a busy train/bus with jerky starts and stops. this usually results in someone toppling over.

-emos. refer to this link for what I am getting at.


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