The last couple ‘o days….

So I survived work this week…infact, yesterday was pretty decent. I got to help fix a guys’ bike and the result was a super happy guy getting to ride his bike for the first time in over 3 years 🙂 That was neat.

What was not neat was getting home to my building to find a smattering of new notices from the passive aggressive Strata Council on the bulletin boards. Allow me to explain the lead up to this ridiculousness……My building is managed by a Strata Council (those of you who have experienced this, my heartfelt condolences). Often, there are silly notices up that enforce trivial rules, their main obsession – the underground parking. There could be dirty diapers strewn about the main hallways but if there is ANYTHING beyond vehicles in the underground parking you will get “postered”. I know this because we had a gerry can in our parking spot and were promptly notified. The insanity is that we could easily be storing dozens of gas cans in our suite, but they are strictly prohibited in the parking garage where nobody lives and if one leaked it would leak onto concrete. I digress……Recently there have been a few notices up regarding window washing, various trades people coming by and one complaint about people accessing the roof and partying up there (oh how I love my building). Later this week, one of my fellow passive agressive neighbours took a red sharpie to the notices and wrote CARPETS CARPETS CARPETS. Odd. Interpretation is up for grabs here, but I guess someone likes or dislikes the state of the buildings carpets.

It gets better.

Coming home from work last night, I go through my usual routine – spill my bag out at the front door, locate keys, check mail and glance up at the bulletin board. There was a new notice. Yes, this notice was a notice about people vandalizing notices. Stop killing trees you pompous idiots and get a f@cking life! For some reason I found all of this quite humourous and worthwhile of sharing.


On another note, tomorrow is the big sailing to the island and I couldn’t be more excited. The first thing on my list of things to do is grab a big glass of milk.

For today’s agenda, its looking like a nice day for the beach, work on a kntting project I have completely neglected and think up a feast for tonight, and finally, I’d like to familiarize myself with how to use this fancy camera that belongs to John where I can really capture pictures versus my wee digital one. There is a nice batch of lovely sunflowers I pass by on my dog walks that are screaming for a picture but the camera I have just doens’t do them justice. We’ll see how it all pans out.



One response to “The last couple ‘o days….

  1. Oh my. That sign. Bahahahahahaha!!!!

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