Meat Problems

The trip to the island was moderately successful and definitely enjoyable….mostly. We toured around neighbourhoods, checked out some houses and played with the dogs throughout the day.

So why then, do I have meat problems you ask? As we loaded on the 2nd to last ferry sailing last night from Nanaimo, we were conveniently parked next to two large semi trucks transporting cages upon cages of live turkeys.

It was indeed a disturbing couple of hours. I watched as some of the turkeys struggled to stand up straight and found myself wondering if there were any up there that may already be dead. If that were the case, then some live turkeys were left to be stuffed next to dead ones? Gross and sad!

All of this morbid but difficult thinking brought me back to a philosophy course in ethics I took a couple of years ago that introduced first year students to the ethical dilemma that is meat eating. Now I am not out to judge vegetarians, vegans or meat eaters. I am just trying to figure out a way to understand the meat industry.

The ferry ride turned me off poultry for a while. But then I got to thinking….I’ve always been alright with eating meat – as long as I don’t think about the grotesque method to get it on my plate. Ignorance is bliss I guess. But I am an animal lover and a passionate person and having my future Thanksgiving forced in my face last night, I feel responsible to do some research on the idea of “ethical meat”. How attainable is it? How ethical is it really? Can I commit to a new lifestyle?

Well, consider this the start of a personal experiment on myself….details to follow in the coming days/weeks/months. My goal is to seek out pasture-raised meat products for consumption only – that is, I will not eat any old regular meat from the grocery store. It’ll be tricky though. Of course there will be snags and challenges. With the clever marketing tools out there that love to broadcast “Free Range” and Organic or whatever their claim is, I am sure it is not all that meats the eye (yup, smarty-pants usage of meat instead of meet).

I’d love some input from experience or tips or whatever. It’s a big subject. I’ve ordered a couple of books on the topic to familiarize myself with what “the experts” are saying.

My guess is it should be interesting and freaky all at the same time!

Bottoms up!


3 responses to “Meat Problems

  1. Hey
    If your library has it, check this book out. Insightful and interesting take on our food and where it comes from.

  2. Michael Pollan is a pretty good guy; he presents some cogent, easily digestible (if you’ll excuse the pun) arguments.

    You shouldn’t have any problems finding local farmers for ethically-raised meat. I suggest visiting the farms if you’re so inclined, if only so that you KNOW what sort of environment your dinner is being kept in.

    Also, look around the area for butchers that specialize in that sort of thing. Here, it’s Bill, and you know good ‘ol sassy Bill. That way you’re not as limited in what you can have at any given time, since they’ll likely source from a number of different farms.

    I do my best to keep to local, sustainable, and organic. But sometimes I’m still prone to shoving the random who-knows-where-it-came-from Five Guys wondrousness down my cheeseburger hole. 😛

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