Yes, I’m still alive….

No, I have not been hiding or avoiding my duties as a new blogger. I have been the lucky recipient of what turned out to be the most insane intestinal virus I’ve ever encountered. It came on hard and fast last Tuesday afternoon while miding my own business on the busride home from work. Suddenly….the smell of everything around me was too much. My mouth became dry and I knew I needed off the bus and I needed off it quick. I managed to make it home (barely) and from there it went from bad to worse. So to spare the details of what happened in the fateful days that were the worst of this year for me, I spent lots of time running for the bathroom, fighting high fevers and dealing with chills, body aches and cold sweats. John had it too, though he was lucky to fight it off somewhat in a matter of 36 hours. I was not the lucky one. If he hadn’t made it out like he did, we were going to need a nanny for the couple of days we were both buggered.

Finally after losing a battle with high temperatures and extreme dehydration, I was off to the hospital to get plugged into an IV to help replace the 7lbs of fluids I lost in a couple of days. It was so awesome getting plunked down next to a lady who had similar symptoms who was puking into a small paper plate-bowl 3 feet away from me. That made me feel so much better.

Once home that night, I was feeling slightly alive, which was an improvement for sure. Until the night wore on and I got hit with more vicious chills and fever. By the morning I too was puking. Awesome. Back to the ER to get ushered into an enclosed room where everyone that talked to me wore masks and paper suits over their scrubs. I really felt welcomed. However, they kept me longer, pumped me full of more fluids (6 bags in the two trips) and sent me packing.

So, I’ve managed to make it out alive and I’ve managed to drink more powerade and gatorade to last a lifetime. I can finally eat as of late yesterday and I even celebrated a solid poop for the first time in almost a week! The end is nigh! The human body sure is an amazing thing. It’s ability to heal and fight off illness is crazy. Thankfully mine fought long and hard and it eventually worked. I’m back to continue blabbing about what comes up. Updates to the Meat Files soon to come folks!


2 responses to “Yes, I’m still alive….

  1. I love reading your blog! Its like turning a new page in a great book, each time! Keep it coming. Glad you are better! xo

  2. Oh my. Just…ooooh myyy.

    I’m glad you got some IV fluids, though. Those things are freakin’ MAGIC.

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