Meat School

Alright, so I have not dropped the ball on the meat project – in fact I have been busy learning as much as I can about local meat that I just haven’t felt that I’ve had enough time to dedicate to a sufficient post. But alas, I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I have receieved and started reading (not done yet) Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma and I am learning all sorts about the beginnings of the industrial food industry.

In addition, I have done some ground research about local farmers that “pasture raise” their animals. I found a handy dandy website for Eat Wild which lists farms that ethically raise their animals and lists where they are located etc.

Also, I accidentally stumbled on a few local farmers at the White Rock Farmers Market (go figure) that are in the same biz. Unfortunately I was still not eating and getting over the plague while I was there this weekend so I didn’t buy anything, but now I know where to find some of them. For now, I am going strong and have avoided random meat consumption (since I’ve only really been eating for a couple of days now since this all began) but I feel armed with enough to go on to take a good crack at my ethical meat project.

Once I have done some meat shopping I will have more insight on the farms’ processes and costs etc….

Stay tuned!



One response to “Meat School

  1. Most farms have great deals where you can buy a 1/4, 1/2, or full cow at a time, but you don’t get to pick the cuts you get. Which is problematic for a picky eater like Sean. So we just wander into Bill’s and see what he’s got on any given day.

    There are a lot of farms to choose from, though, which is really great.

    Good luck with the switch! It’s a lot more expensive than grocery store fare, but tastes a lot better and is a lot easier on your conscience. Of course, I’m also prone to giving in to Costco every now and again…I just can’t quit those filet mignons.

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