Shopping and a few other things….

Busy week of continuing to read The Omnivore’s Dilemma and contemplating food. Some things that have come up are helping my guy understand my new choices in terms of what I will eat. Since we are a carnivorous couple who take pride in BBQ-ing, tasty food consumption and the like, he was particularly shocked (and a little perturbed) at my declining of bacon at Saturday morning breakfast. (sorry hunny!). I have clearly explained now that I am not giving up all meat for all time. I am simply attempting to choose my meat wisely and ethically so that I can digest with some peace of mind. Plus, we love seafood (never farmed) so for the times when hearty meat is hard to come by, we have a sufficiently stocked deep freezer of fresh from the fisherman fish at our disposal.

Sunday we headed out to the Steveston Farmer’s Market. My goal: to find some local farmers that produce pasture-raised products (ideally organic). Success! I found the stand for Ryder Lake Beef Sales. A locally raised (Chilliwack, BC), Free Range and Hormone Free beef farm that had a variety of cuts for sale. Supporting this farm is also congruent with the famous 100 mile diet. I picked up 3lbs of ground beef for $10 – not bad!

Next, I stumbled across the Ladybug Manor Organic Turkey farm – also from the Fraser Valley (100 mile diet approved). These guys are also free rangin’, field wanderin’ turkeys that are free of antibiotics, hormones, chemicals and apparently delicious. I picked up a leaflet (after sampling some delish turkey sausage) and may order a Thanksgiving bird from them.

After we left the market, we travelled out to Ladner and Westham Island for a bit of wine tasting and to stop by a random little farm that sells their fresh and organic produce and meat. I picked up 1 dozen organic and free range eggs (from their chickens  on the farm) for $5.25. Also, I picked up a nice roaster chicken (frozen) from an organic and free range farm in Abbottsford BC for $12.50. Pricey, considering I was previously grabbing a roaster chicken bigger for around $5 in Bellingham, WA. BUT, I do feel better knowing that this bird isn’t pumped full of question-mark chemicals that I can’t pronounce.

I am also planning to explore some healthy vegetarian meals (recipes very appreciated) to balance out my eating. It certainly isn’t necessary to eat meat every single day (ethical or not), so I figure it’s time to explore some other dishes.

As a side note, in regards to the recent plague I had….Got a call from the Public Health Authority early last week. Apparently they had my lab results back: A bacterial infection in my intestine. Gross. I had to answer a bunch of questions:

“Have you been travelling recently?” – no

“Have you been to North Vancouver lately?” – no

“Have you eaten any eggs or chicken within 3 days before you got sick?” – quite possibly (before my meat experiment). Is it possible that I got sick from the very stuff I am trying to quit/investigate? Now, I don’t have a for sure answer on how I got sick. But this has solidified my committment to lay off that factory farmed crazy meat for a bit!



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