I miss you blog!

Ah…crazy week, with it being my last as an employee of company-I-shall-not-name. I have commenced my first official week of being a volunteer for the dog rescue organization – which I love already.

My last day of paid work was yesterday. Of course I was anxious to be done, but a wave of sadness swept over me in a way I wasn’t prepared for. I had the pleasure of going to lunch with the folks I’ve been supporting for a few years now, and I honestly hadn’t laughed so hard in months. Though I am incredibly sad to say goodbye, I felt reassured that the work I had done with these guys was worth every bit of it and that I have four friends that I am so grateful to have. On to a new chapter….

Tomorrow marks an exciting new beginning. School begins (though I still haven’t received any textbooks in the mail yet, so fingers crossed) and John and I are off to look at our dream place on the island. We spent the afternoon in the company of the homeowners here on the mainland and we both (hope it isn’t jinxed now!) have a really good feeling about it. Ideally, by tomorrow night, I can report that we’ve got it.

I have more to write about, but it must wait until tomorrow at the least. I just couldn’t help myself from adding a little something….

Happy Sunday!


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