The Good News

Chicken portrait

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So…..a couple of days late but not short of excitement, I am happy to report we have found our perfect place to call home! Not only is it superb, it is a mini-farm type place where we can raise our own chickens. This is thrilling for myself and John, and jives with my effort to maintain my ethical meat-eating practices. I am over the moon to be moving out of the lower mainland (big city busy feel) and on to the peace and tranquility of a rural lifestyle. And now a big sigh of relief…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………

Except, now we have to pack! And move! And stay on top of the four courses I am currently enrolled in! It is safe to officially announce that I am overwhelmed with excitement and an incredible amount of work to do! Imagine if I hadn’t quit my job recently and I had that in the mix too, eeek!

So it seems as though my blog – which never really had any one specific direction – can follow my transition from city girl to chicken-raising-farmhouse girl. In addition to my continued success at avoiding meat other than ethically raised.

Oh and by the way, I made a terrific garden fresh tomato bisque today from an insane amount of tomatoes that desperately needed consumption, fresh picked basil and some dried herbs from last summer’s garden adventure. Talk about local! And vegetarian 🙂

Well, as the excitement mounts and the packing commences, I’ll be sure to keep updates on the trials and tribulations of a big-ass move.

Now…back to school for this gal.


3 responses to “The Good News

  1. I am so happy for both of you. You will enjoy the island life immensely. Happy farming. Do you have any pics that you can post.

  2. Wonderful news – sounds like a beautiful place to land!

  3. attila the hunny

    Im so excited for you guys!! And we really cant wait to visit now!! This just added to the excitement! Happy moving! Hope it all goes smoothly! xo

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