Fall has officially fallen at my house

It’s funny you know, because I get the feeling that I am not the only person who loves this season. I love wearing sweaters, jeans, new knits I’ve been working on and hats! I can officially announce that I feel fall now. It’s cool, windy, the squash are fequenting the produce sections and it’s getting dark at dinner time.

Today marked the day where fall kind of pulled at my heartstrings….I began dismantling my garden šŸ˜¦ It’s one of those things that I dread usually, but in the spirit of getting ready to move, it was a job that needed doing. So it was mixed with excitement (because surely next years’ garden will rock your socks off) andĀ sadness.

My five tomato plants served me well this year albeit quite late (must have been the late start to summer). I couldn’t quite bring myself to take them all down, so I trimmed down two and raided the others. With the help of Wally (who was most interested in collecting tomato droppings…in his mouth).

So, the theme of packing and moving is still running high around the house, and so is the theme of making it fun. Here are some of my strategies:

-as previously mentioned: beer/wine/spirits of choice

-fun music

-teamwork (thank you John!)

-wearing a costume : this one may sound odd, but as I’ve been sorting and packing I have come across old costumes, wigs and ridiculous clothing/shoes, so I like to dress up in any of these while packing/cleaning. Why not. I’m having fun and getting work done.

-try to not make the day revolve around packing, do random intervals of packing (which I do when I need aĀ break from readings for school).


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