Moving woes, broken toes and a missing cat! (and a few choice words)

Moving is stressful and hard and dirty and painful! We did the second half of the large move this past weekend. A rented UHaul, long border wait times. crappy parking, two parking tickets were just a few of the snags we faced on day one of the final half of moving.

Saturday: John spotted a fab dining room set including china cabinet on Craigslist , so we picked that up first on Saturday. It was an ordeal though. We bought if off of a nice older couple and with much blood, sweat, near tears and one tumbling old man. He was determined to be part of the process and seemed adamant about tying a rope to every piece we carried down the treacherous stairs, which in theory was a good idea, but in reality was more dangerous – a definite tripping hazard. Following our stint with the old couple, we loaded up the few things we had in our storage locker – John’s favorite pink chair included 😉

Sunday: Loading day. Back and forth from our 2nd floor condo down to street level with everything. We were not without incident though. Somehow, managed to drop a deep freezer onto my foot, crunching my big toe in the process. A few minutes later and some choice words I opted to take a break. We loaded up the rest of our stuff all morning with just enough time to book it off to the ferry. It’s quite a scene to fit two full-grown adults plus two dogs into the small cab of a Uhaul rental truck. For two hours. On a ferry. But we managed. Wally was set on driving though. Benji wasn’t sure where to sit. We managed to unload the truck once we arrived in record time. We were happily greeted (in the dark) at our new place by 5 deer on our front lawn. Neat. Back to unloading. Everything went off without a hitch…almost. The second to last piece to come out of the truck was part of the china cabinet from yesterday’s older couple. Running on nearly nothing, and extremely exhausted, I for some reason ,thought I could handle lifting a huge, heavy piece of furniture late at night. On the count of 1-2-3 lift! Suddenly, I went down. Under the cabinet. On to my knee. Pain and confusion followed by a few choice words. I was okay, but minus a pair of jeans (that completely tore apart this weekend) and a swollen knee and a bruised ego.

We cracked our celebratory beers that night and bundled up to go outside to see the stars. We could hear coyotes somewhere out in the field and that was it. Very cool.

Monday: Up early to load ourselves and the pups back into the Uhaul to catch the morning ferry. 2 hours later, back in the old place. Crap, the patio door was open! Betty (my cat) nowhere to be seen 😦 Time was ticking before we had to get the rental truck back over the border (which already had a lineup) and the cat was missing. I was hysterical! A few choice words later, we were furiously driving the rental to the border and quickly came home to begin the search…..

Within 20 minutes we had located Betty but couldn’t get to her. It took John jumping a fence, an old lady with a broom and another old lady’s car keys and one random guy in a plaid shirt (plus me) to wrangle the cat and we had rescued her within an hour. Phewf! Just enough time to jump in the truck and drive another hour! The day resulted in me getting a handy-dandy new (used) SUV and a few beers (once home). It’s been a long weekend of blood(for real! and bruises), sweat – a whole lotta, and tears (sad and happy) but we survived. And we are stronger for it! This weekend we will officially be islanders.

Go forth and be happy!


3 responses to “Moving woes, broken toes and a missing cat! (and a few choice words)

  1. Despite the anguish, I loved reading this.

    Happy officialness.

  2. wow! I felt stressed just reading it:) Glad you guys made it~

  3. Oh geez. No plan goes off unhitched, right? But now you’re SO CLOSE! 🙂

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