Oh deer! First week in the twigs

Well, it’s happened. We have survived the move from the mainland to island life. Boy oh boy was it worth it! The new place is unpacking as to be expected for me….quite chaotically however I feel that in all of the madness I have some form of “organized chaos” within it all….sort of. I am proud to say that one of the bathrooms looks very inviting and in fact resembles one of a real grown up – could this really be my doing? Almost. With the help of a lovely sisterfriend of mine, I have purchased towels! Lots and lots of matching, colour-schemed towels in all types of sizes!

Aside from fancy new towels, the setting up of a new place is fun but quite exhausting. Trying to figure out furniture arrangements, and designating rooms for certain purposes is fun, but if I decide it’s not quite right then it means more furniture moving. And seriously, my body has NOT healed since my adventures of dining room table/deep freezer-toe-smashy last week. I’ll survive.

So what have I done in the last four days of my new rural life? Well, I walk two minutes to a fenced off-leash dog park for the boys to run wild….well Benji runs wild. Walter sniffs around, pees, sits on the covered bench or waits by the gate for Benji to stop chasing balls. Seriously. I’ve mingled with some other “small town folk” who are also dog people – something I may have once scoffed at, but our chats have been quite pleasant and informative. I learned where the hospital is, other dog-friendly areas, shops and oh ya, the cougar sighting nearby! What? Yes, there has been a cougar sighting in my new ‘hood. Cool and freaky at the same time.

I’ve done a bit of a grocery shop in town and spotted the local ethical meat butcher place (it was closed when I drove by, but I know where it is!) and plan on checking it out for real today or tomorrow.
I’ve picked apples from the tree outside and made one helluva delicious pie! Mmmmm pie.

The new favorite pass time is deer spotting. There are plenty of deer that have laid claim to the property we’re on LONG before we got here, so we run from window to window scrambling with the camera to try to get some shots of them. We are mainly seeing does, but we did spot a young buck yesterday. The pic isn’t the greatest, and clearly you can see the window frame, but as proof, take a look at this boy!

So today I am up early (the crack of 6am that is) to help John wake up for work. He still has to travel once a week to the mainland and stay over night to work his two days at his clinic there, and he is NOT a morning person. So in an effort to help bear the burden of waking up when it is dark out, I got up too and packed him a lunch. For the next two days I will continue to explore my beautiful new surroundings, check out the meat guy in town, research which breeds of chickens to get and where we will get them and catch up on a ton of school work. But before I dive into all of that, I will finish my coffee and listen to the dogs continue to snore at my feet.

Happy Thursday folks 🙂


2 responses to “Oh deer! First week in the twigs

  1. If only you’d known sooner that to feel like a grownup all you needed was fresh towels! I can’t wait to visit and use them.

    Enjoy that apple pie. I have apple pie envy!

  2. Happy to hear that everything is well on the island. I remember those days, loved the peace and serenity that encompasses you in the area.

    Love You Two.!!!!!!!!!!

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