Small Town Saturday

Today was by far the most exciting day of the week. After a delicious eggs benny, John and I wandered into town to do some exploring. We parked, unbeknownst to us, right across from the winter farmers market. Perfection. We did a quick circle through the small, charming and busy market and made a mad dash to the cash machine. I was absolutely thrilled to pick up 1lb of fresh picked chanterelle mushrooms for $10! Outstanding price, and a future outstanding meal in my near future! We also scored some pasture-raised pork(chops), pasture-raised chicken legs and some fantastic rustic sourdough. Oh yes, coffee beans!

The morning was off to an outstanding start….We did a wander down the main street and located what we consider to be an important building – the liquor store 😉 We continued our exploration by taking a two-minute drive down to the water front, when I heard John say “What the?!”….I slowed down….”I think I see something out in the water”. Turns out we witnessed a plethora of Stellar Sea Lions AND some porpoises jumping in and out of the water, in a fish catching frenzy! Unreal! Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us (or a proper lens to capture the sight/distance) but it was amazing.

Homeward we went. Since the weather has been beautiful (but chilly) here all week, we thought it’d be fun to do some raking out in the front of the property. Piles and piles and piles of leaves. But it can’t be all work and no play…..

So we raked and raked and raked some more, with intermittent ball tossings for Benji. Fun times. So I haven’t mentioned that we live very near to a small aircraft airport, so we get small planes overhead during the day. No biggie. Today we watched either a novice pilot, or a guy having trouble with the wind try to land his plane a minimum of 6 times. We captured a few photos while he went overhead (many times).




All in all, a decent day so far. I have a feeling we will enjoy this new small town stuff just fine 🙂

Happy Saturday



2 responses to “Small Town Saturday

  1. Sounds nice.

    Glad youre loving it.

  2. I see a fancy new camera in youru future. Let me know if you need help shopping. 🙂

    Also, please come and rake my leaves.

    ALSO, Sean had a good many of those type of landings when he was getting his pilot’s license. Most of them were on purpose, though…pick a really windy day and try to crab into it for a soft landing. Or simulate an engine failure on final approach. Or just do touch and gos until you run out of gas.

    ALSO ALSO, I would very much like some fresh porkchops and mushrooms for dinner. With cream sauce, please!

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