Back in the saddle again

Today was one of those days where I woke up and things were off. Since we moved, I have begun the search for a job. I’m not too picky, since I am heavily immersed in school and don’ t have a lot of time for serious job right now. There isn’t much going on. So last night before bed, I said a nice little optimistic “prayer” if you will out loud…

“Tomorrow’s gonna be a good day! You (to John this is) will get the package in the mail you’re excited about, and I will get a call for one of the jobs I’ve applied for”

How can you go wrong with such positive vibes right?

Back to this morning. Typical routine, coffee, dogs outside, watch the deer for a bit and wait to talk to my overseas sister via Skype.

We’re chatting away and I am notified by John “There’s cat puke happening over here!”

I run to go deal with it……yuck…..

A couple of minutes later I am notified by John, or rather hear him yelling “Wally no! Sh*t! Get him outside!”

Apparently my little dog couldn’t hold his um….movements….and he is famous for no warning (like while on a walk, I’ll be walking and looking ahead and he is way behind just dropping one in a parking lot or somewhere random, yes I know, too much info). So I run to pick up a pooping dog and rush him outside…luckily there wasn’t much inside, but thanks for the warning Walter…..

Oh yes, this is all going down within 5 minutes and while my sister is waiting/watching my frantically run around from the webcam.

No phone calls today……

Finally, I decided I need to take a bike and go for a ride. It was a beautiful day too. So I bundled up and hopped on “Link” my green Schwinn semi-cruiser. I rode into town, then down to the water. The waves were HUGE and awesome and just what I needed to ease my nerves. I hated feeling tense in such a beautiful place, so the huge rollers were the fix I needed.

I rode and rode and rode some more until I realized I rode myself to the bottom of an unforgiving hill. Way to go Sarah. Way to ease back into being on your bike. I huffed it and puffed it until I returned home to two happy dogs and a smiling man (John). I was back in the saddle again.

We had a spectacular lunch of homemade Potato and leek soup (from yesterday but tastier today) and grilled cheese sammies. The day was looking up.

So, here’s to my effort to keep the good vibes, and wishin’ y’all a happy and prosperous week ahead.


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