Quick local food update

I’ve been frequenting the local Farmer’s Market on Saturdays now. I am still on my ethical-meat-only kick and have located a great local farm that supplies lamb, chickens and pork products….that means BACON. I hadn’t really had bacon since August until this past weekend. I picked up some Whisky Smoked Bacon from Ravenstone Farms and cooked up a Sunday breakfast feast. T’was delicious. Did I mention I also picked up some juicy pork chops that were superb from him too? I did.

I’ve also found a mushroom guy. The same one I got the tasty chanterelles from earlier, hooked me up with some “Pines” which weren’t much to look at but pretty bold little mushrooms. He picked them obviously – which I realized in hindsight that I took a crazy mushroom guy’s word for it that they were in fact edible…but it’s been a few days and I’m alive. They had a strong, earthy and piney flavour to them, and I kept it simple by just sautéing them with garlic and butter. Delish. The mushroom guy seems legit, but not any less freaky, which I think makes him legit.

I’ll have another post coming up in a day or two about other stuff going on. I’ve just been thinking about food a lot lately…

Mmmm food.


6 responses to “Quick local food update

  1. Were the pines these? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsutake

    They are super delicious but pricey .. (but they grow all over BC apparently)

  2. Oh man, me too. All I think about these days is food. Glorious, glorious food. Food that I can’t put in my mouth, but it’s all-encompassing in my mind.

    My first thought when I saw that photo was Fish ‘n chips! Then I saw they were mushrooms and my mouth watered.

    I want to come for dinner. 🙂

  3. Hi Sarah. Found your blog when I googled Ryder Lake Meats cuz I’m like you with the ethical-meat-only thing. I am bookmarking you now as I like your POV but also wanted to know: have you got an Esty or something for your knitting? Because clicking around I saw your “reading gloves” and wow, those are great! : )

    • Hey Carolita,

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been doing the ethical meats thing since August and haven’t looked back. It’s really pushed me to analyze everything I eat to which I am really grateful.
      Knitting…I do not have an Etsy account, I don’t knit fast enough to have an excess stockpile of goodies, but it may be something to aspire to……..
      Thanks for your comments and good luck with your ethical meat eating endeavours!

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