Blog has been silent, so now I must make noise

It’s not that I haven’t had anything going on….in fact, there has been LOTS going on. I got a job! That’s right, it only took 3 weeks in a new town to hammer down a good source of income and tomorrow I will go sign the papers to make it official. It is a similar job from the one I left in the big city – supporting some folks with varying abilities to participate in their community. A new company, new people, should be exciting.

Second. Rollerderby. Something I’ve been into for quite a while now, and even tried out for a couple of seasons ago in the big city. Didn’t make it obviously but it didn’t squash my interest. Well, I’ve discovered a few up and coming teams over here and am putting out my feelers to get involved. So this will be exciting! I’ve got my eye on some beautiful new skates (since mine aren’t “derby” skates but they are still super cool) and am determined to play. Will definitely keep you posted.

Third, we continue to support our local ethical farmer guy here in Qualicum. We picked up more chops and some peppered sausage yesterday. He (our farm guy) even invited us to come check out the farm and we can see how the animals are living happily and roaming the pastures. Excellent.

Cookies….I had a massive craving for chocolate chip cookies and found a fail-proof recipe (not ok for nut allergies though) that I overdosed on Friday night. They are DEEE-LISH.

School is getting hot and heavy these days and this is what I primarily blame my lack of updates on. I feel guilt if I am not attached to a school related book these days.

And finally – I actually finished a knitting project I started in January of this year. That’s right, almost one year to complete a pair of fingerless “reading mitts”. I’m not actually that slow, I just ignored the project for a long time.

So, things are picking up here in the new transplanted life. Thank you to the well-wishers out there sending the good vibes, I send ’em right back at ya! For those who are interested in checking out some cool Roller Derby stuff I have added some new links on the blog.

Happy Sunday and could use a few more good vibes while I write a big scary paper on Structural Approaches to Cognitive Development!



3 responses to “Blog has been silent, so now I must make noise

  1. Cool beans Faulhafenhausen!

    Love hearing you’re back on the rollerderby prowl!!!
    Now…… to think of another good name?

  2. yes, me too, blogs been pretty quiet. Time to pick it back up! Congrats to everything new!

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