taking care of business

Things are moving forward all according to plan…I’ve received an employment pack from the new job. There is one hitch however. I need to have a TB test done and a letter of clearance from a physician stating I am physically/mentally able to do the job. Yes, it’s standard for this work. BUT since I am a transplant to this new small town I can’t get a friggin’ doctor! AND apparently there is a back log for TB tests here. What? I’ve had the test, it takes 30 seconds to scratch my arm and stick it on a slide. What the heck? I’ve put out some calls to a few lady doctors and am crossing my fingers one of them will take me in. Once I have that I can begin work (which would be nice if that could be very soon!).


Also! I am going to a derby practice this Thursday and I have come up with a clever name (but it will remain under wraps until I know I am on the team!) and I am so excited and nervous. I don’t know anyone there and haven’t skated indoors in 2 years….keep your fingers crossed for me!

School – yep it is still right there up in my face. In fact I am “working” on it right now. I should get back to it. This was just a quick update.

Peace out



One response to “taking care of business

  1. I will keep my fingers crossed, toes, legs, whatever will help. ROLLER DERBY????????????

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