Rockin’ in the free world

I love Neil Young and I take quotes I use of his seriously. Today I feel like I am lucky to rock in the free world I live in. Times may be tough and I may feel down and out sometimes, but seriously, I have it made. I just thought about how easily I ran a full hot bath last night because I was feeling under the weather. How I have a full fridge of food to cook with and options for dinner tonight. I’ve got friends and family who don’t mind me either. So yup, I’m doing alright.

Today marks an exceptionally great day for  me. I finished, revised and perfected that big scary paper I’ve been battling. For former/current students out there, you GET the overwhelming weight that is lifted when you submit one of these bad boys….the clicking of the “send” button on my email to my prof…it’s fan-fricking-tastic. And to celebrate, I poured myself a festive glass of Baileys.

But alas, the goodness does not end there….

I’m still in the mood to appreciate the goodness all around. Today was a beautiful day, and although I had to spend the bulk of it at my computer tackling said project (and fighting Betty for a direct view of my computer screen) I did manage to get outside to the dog park for an hour, chatted with one my favorite dog park guys AND ride my beautiful cruiser bike for a bit. I am a firm believer in giving myself little breaks while tackling a big project – to keep my mind fresh and all.

While getting some fresh air this afternoon I spotted a healthy adult-sized blackbear moseying up my driveway. He turned around when I made a sound, but he was big, hairy and definitely lookin’ for a snack, considering it being quite late in the year for black bear sightings. I wasn’t spooked, but considered myself lucky to see such an array of wildlife on a daily basis where I live:

-bunnies (every day, definitely two that call my yard home)

-deer (plenty frequent the property, especially the apple tree)

-eagles! How amazing is it to see several bald eagles flying overhead all the time? VERY AMAZING! that’s how.

-black bear (new to the ‘hood but I’m cool with that so long as he doesn’t eat my pets)

-woodpeckers and other really neat little birdies (daily)

LOVIN’ life in the small-ish town, trials and tribulations and all.

Keep on Rockin’




One response to “Rockin’ in the free world

  1. I am envious of both the Baileys *and* all that crazy wildlife. And the fancy bathtub. 🙂

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