really quickly but REALLY important for all ladies (and gents)

I stumbled across this article here from the Daily Mail and I think it is a necessary reminder to how distorted the images are of a “typical” beautiful woman in the media. It reminded me that although we are always in a race to better ourselves (healthwise, morals, education, fitness) we need to remember what IS healthy. I know I’ll never be a super model skinny gal, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not a hot tamale. And I’d like to know how many guys out there are really attracted to bone-thin women? I know my guy constantly tells me that he’d rather have a proportioned gal with more than just skin on bones, so I’m satisfied with that. Plus, I tell myself each day what I like about myself and encourage you to do the same. Recall an older post here to remind you that I am not some stuck up chick who’s all high and mighty on myself, I just think it’s really important to have a healthy love for yourself.

Feel good about yourselves people, and if you can, make someone else feel good about themselves too!

Back to studying – final exam tomorrow YIKES!!!



4 responses to “really quickly but REALLY important for all ladies (and gents)

  1. Love it! Nice work! Real women have curves!!!

  2. I loved the article. Thank you for sharing. And your guy rocks!

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