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So one of my goals was to read the newspaper (like a proper one) daily. Since I am struggling with time management, I have now switched my radio in my truck to the CBC station where I listen while I drive (because I drive alot. Thursday I caught an interesting piece on the over sexualization of young children and the overuse of technology – something that I have thought a lot about and am quite bothered by. I then caught the whole story on Doc Zone (CBC documentaries weekly) and thought I would share this. If you have children of any age, or work with them or even notice the major differences from when you were young, check this out. This subject needs to be addressed and acknowledged – the subject being preserving childhood, proper sex education and setting boundaries around the use of technology. Call me old fashioned, but I see myself more of an addict of morals and age appropriateness.

Please share this or read it and talk about it with more people!

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Pushing Boundaries and Zones

I sense a revamp of some of my goals coming on….with the addition of making sufficient time in my life to write on my blog. Just a thought.

So boundaries have been on my mind. We have our own personal boundaries that we operate within, for example how comfortable we are disclosing information to other people, how touchy feely we are, how much we allow work to infiltrate our personal life – these are just a few examples I’ve thought of off the top of my head.

Why have I been thinking about my own boundaries? Well last Sunday I amazed myself. I played in my first ever scrimmage (which was so awesome by the way). Unfortunately this post is not going to focus so much on derby (tossing around the idea of a new blog to follow my progression there in the derby world alone and keeping this one my potpourri of life stuff – thoughts?) What was astonishing to me, was that I went. You see, two days before I was meant to go I learned that the other 5 of my teammates had backed out of the scrimmage and failed to let me know. I was sorely disappointed on many levels. First, it was hard to not take it personally right? Why was I out of the loop? Second, I had taken the day off of work (which I can’t really afford, but soooooooo wanted to go) and would be sitting at home feeling sad about how it might have gone. Third, if I didn’t go to the scrimmage I would have had practice that night, and honestly I really didn’t want to go face the folks that backed out on me.

So, against my personal comfort levels I forced myself to make the journey solo. I was completely terrified and at times felt ridiculous, stupid and that I was going to completely suck when I had to skate. As the day progressed though, I was collecting new friends left and right and by the end of the tremendously LOOOOONG day, I realized I had had one of the best days of just me (and a bunch of new friends) in ages. I certainly had to push myself further outside of my own comfort zone but it was worth it. I strongly recommend daring yourself to explore some unknown waters of your own – incredible feeling at the end of it.

Earlier last week, I took a bunch of extra shifts at my second job (one of these things that sounds great when you need the money) and I have paid with my sanity and sleep deprivation this week for it. This week I have pushed myself to the limit of how much work I can take on and how many hours of sleep I actually HAVE to HAVE in order to function. Lesson learned: be realistic about how much you can really take on.

I will do another post on the other things I’m thinking about!

Happy Friday 🙂

Time management?

Lately I feel like I have so much to do, or so much that I want to do but can’t figure out how to make it all happen. I have a zillion ideas in my head about mini projects I’d like to get cracking on but find that I run out of time or energy to make them happen.

No, I am not wasting insane amounts of time on my new video game. I’ve actually told myself I’m allowed about an hour each day to play but haven’t even gotten around to fulfilling that time block consistently.

Because I work at two jobs (but one is more casual and I am on call) last night I accepted a crap load of shifts in the next couple of weeks. They are mostly graveyard shifts where I have to be awake – gross I know. But I thought that I could use this dead time to chip away at some of my projects? I need to knit, read for a course I am taking, meditate, plan for the chicken coop (it needs renos and I have ideas!) and write more. You see, these are the things I have been neglecting but want to be working on.

How do other people manage their time efficiently? How do YOU make sure you do the things that are important to you without feeling exhausted? I am happily accepting ideas on how to not become a victim of the couch as soon as I walk in the door and make time to work on myself.


Countdown until the first scrimmage

Well the countdown has been on for a while (since I signed up) but I am just two sleeps away now from playing in my first ever scrimmage for roller derby! Scary and exciting all at once. Why have my weeks been so busy lately that I have been neglecting my blog?

This is not a rhetoric question….

I can’t quite figure it out, but it must be working at my new job, trying to keep on top of housework, playing with the pups and roller derby practice.

Oh yes….and the new video game I got this week: Skyrim. Yes I admit it…I have secretly been trying my hand at XBox which I usually never do, but this game is seriously addicting.

Back to this weekend….I am super excited and can hardly think about anything else. I have to study all positions and strategy between now and will greatly accept any insight from other derby girls or guys out there!

Off to work!

Accepting defeat

Today is a sad day for me and I couldn’t figure out how else to channel my feelings, so I thought I’d reach out blog-style. I have pets, and I love them very much. I have had a cat for years and a couple of years ago I adopted the cat I currently have. She’s a nice cat but very very shy. She often hides most of the day and wanders around at night.

We (my partner and I) have been experiencing a troubling issue with our cat for 1.5 years. She pees on our belongings. Unfortunately it is mostly on my partner’s clothes, bags, work stuff but on other occasions it has been random: our bed, blankets, laundry. It sucks. I have taken her to the vet (many times) and been told she is healthy and it is behavioural. I have tried artificial hormones (like a “glade” plug-in with cat-friendly scents), cleaning the litter box daily, vet recommended food, playing with her, talking to her, fancy litter box. I have tried and tried and tried. I love her so much that I have spent money that I don’t have to try to curb this problem. It has caused a great strain and tension in the house now because I am constantly in fear that she’ll do it again and I won’t find it in time.

A few weeks ago while doing laundry, we discovered she had done it again and peed on a fancy wool sweater of John’s. Disappointing indeed. We had a talk…….It has to stop because it isn’t fair for anyone now. If the cat is upset or doesn’t like someone or her surroundings then I have to accept that. We just can’t keep finding our belongings marked. So the talk resulted in a last effort to “socialize” her more, which she does but she still managed to do it again. This time on an expensive piece of work equipment (that is fabric – kind of like a giant heating pad) that John uses for work.

Today I am faced with having to find her a new home and it makes me so incredibly sad. As I said, I would rather her be in a home that she is happy and relaxed rather than force her to stay here and be upset. But I can’t help but feel that I have failed somehow. She acts happy and lovey to me but she keeps doing this behaviour. I am sure that I will come off as a heartless bitch for parting with her, but that is far from who I really am. I am a sad pet owner that has run out of ideas and energy to curb this problem that has taken over my house in the last while.

My feeling is that my beloved kitty is best with a single lady rather than a big guy and two dogs (and me). I only hope that I can find the right person and that I will have the strength to let her go and not allow my own ego and emotions get in the way.

Moving at the speed of light! (Derby-style)

Seriously, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to post….but life’s been busy!

Last week was a long one. I had my papers, had to work and had to haul ass (for an hour+ drive) to derby practice, where I would be tested for minimum skills. For those who are unfamiliar with what I am talking about, the sport of roller derby is not just bawdy chicks in fish nets roller skating. Sure we do get to wear fun socks and tights, but it is a physically demanding sport. With practices three times per week, I was hoping it would get easier….it doesn’t. It continues to be awesome fun and makes me feel very amazing, but there are times in practice that my legs feel like they will give out on me, I am covered in bruises and have become one with ice packs.

Anyways…..I woke up last Tuesday with a sore throat. Not just a tickle, like a serious “it-hurts-to-talk-or-swallow-or-open-my-mouth” sore throat. Typical too, since I’ve been boasting about not being sick in almost a year. So I was thinking that my day was ruined…..


I passed my minimum skills! And it was HARD. It was 2 hours of intense, non-stop skating to the point that I thought I was going to keel over. The coach wanted me to relax (because I looked shaky and terrified) when really I was sicker than I’d felt in a year. Fever, sore throat, achy muscles. I passed though and I am so so so pleased. It’s not all easy now, in fact I think it will get a lot more difficult. I will need to improve a lot more before I consider myself ready for it all, but I’m happy to have passed. I signed up for a scrimmage on Feb.19th as Fresh Meat! Again for those who have no idea what I’m talking about:

A Scrimmage is kind of like an unofficial bout (or game). I will be playing with many players from other teams in our region to make up two teams. A bout is a game consisting of a particular team’s roster.

Fresh Meat: The term for rookie derby players.

Last weekend I went down to Seattle WA, and hit up Fast Girl Skates and picked up new wheels, knee pads, wrist guards and laces! Early birthday presents for me! So I continue to push myself each time I go to practice, and have some days that feel better on skates than others, but the point is I keep going because I love it.
You may have noticed in my NYResolutions tab, I’ve updated it to note that I have already achieved one of this year’s goals: I PASSED!