Welcome Newcomers

As my survey post earlier today may have given away, I have been thinking about the direction this blog is going in or not going in. I’ve been toying with different ideas on a separate roller derby one or trying to narrow in on something more specific. I have yet to figure that all out, but in the meantime I have noticed some new subscribers.

Welcome new subscribers!

So I’ve further been thinking about why I write or what I write about. Basically, it’s my way of working through my life events while inviting others for input, support or to share some of my experiences. I don’t think I lead a particularly exciting life, but some way or another I have interested a few people to come along for the ride which I feel pretty honoured by. Thanks for reading and not being all judgey.

I like to write things down. Sometimes I have superb ideas (in my mind) and sometimes I need to make a list, or other times I just randomly write down the first words that come to my mind (and it won’t make any sense or even be in sentences, I just write down random words). I enjoy the process of jotting things down. Sometimes I write down jokes I hear (because I can never remember jokes when I need them) or other times I write the lyrics of songs I like, or names or grocery lists. To me, writing is fun and soothing.

I also enjoy thinking about the injustices in the world and how I would change them if I were some sort of superpower. I enjoy daydreaming about winning the lottery or being a wizard – and then I make a list about how I would spend my lottery winnings and use my wizardry.

And now I am rambling…sorry.

Welcome newcomers, feel free to make a comment or share a link or something. If you are a fellow blogger, I’ll make an effort to come see your blog.



One response to “Welcome Newcomers

  1. Im new… and feel lonely…. please embrace me.

    I like whatever direction the blog goes…its always entertaining! much luv

    Ps: I wanna be a super-power wizard too! Maybe we’re related?

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