Ok this is just a quick rant!

I am a lover and student of people. I am interested in many topics related to humankind and the issues we create, face and overcome. I respect the right to ones’ own beliefs and religion and I expect the same in return.

Within the first week of moving into our new home in November I have been getting regular visits from a faith based group that continue to come to my door. I admire their devotion to their own beliefs and I explained this as well as my own beliefs which are different from theirs. I have politely asked for them to hold on to their reading material and perhaps save it for someone who will genuinely read and follow the literature. I am not ragging on religion, I am completely OK with it. All I am asking is for others to be OK with my right to my own belief system.

Please stop coming to my door and knocking, ringing the bell and wandering around to my backyard where I am playing with my dogs. You were not invited to my backyard. I have politely (MANY TIMES) asked that you refrain from coming and to save your time for someone that INVITES you to come speak with them. PLEASE…respect my right to my own beliefs as I respect yours.

Today I put up a NO SOLICITING sign….let’s see if that works.

All the best, and please do not take offense, I don’t think I am being out of line but if you think so, let me know.


3 responses to “Ok this is just a quick rant!

  1. I always have this look on my face when they approach; I am not even sure what it looks like, but it has been met with a common response, ‘you’re not interested are you’. Maybe print up a picture of the face I make instead of the No Soliciting sign? Ha.

  2. I don’t think you’re out of line at all. They seem aggressive, so maybe you need to be the same back. 🙂
    Good work!! Love your blogs!!

  3. Well said, you went about it politely & gracefully, and you are entitled to your privacy. If they have not understood by the second or third at most, that you are not interested, they are disrespecting your boundaries and privacy, and are basically harassing you. You handled it a lot better than I would have (or have in the past)! You respected their beliefs, as they should yours. Lets hope the signage works. Make a redneck tresspassin’ sign that states all trespassers will be shot … and fed to uncle Billy Joe. Ok… fine your way is more “proper”. Good luck!

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