Wind Day

Today was meant to be my day off….I just got home from work, having worked an overnight shift. Yuck. Today was also meant to be seed planting day for our garden. There are near 100 km winds gusting across the island, it’s raining/snowing sideways and my truck was hydroplaning much of my 40+ km drive home. And it’s Monday – which usually means nothing to me since I work weekends, but today really feels like a severe case of the Mondays.

I am not sure if I’ll plant anything because I cannot bear to think about sitting outside (even if under cover) to plant seeds. In stead I think we’ll bundle up and go down to the water front to take in some spectacular waves.

Part of me wants to slip back into some jammies and lounge about on the couch.

We’ll see….


2 responses to “Wind Day

  1. Hahaha that little windy man at the end made me laugh aloud.
    I needed that!!

    Thank you for posting these blogs…. makes me feel like I talk to you all the time and keeps me entertained with your funny stuff.

    Miss ya xox

  2. It’s my pleasure…really! I encourage you to come visit if not for the sake of free hobby farm labour alone……oh yes and for company šŸ˜‰

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