With a little help from my friends

I know…I need to tell you all about the scrimmage on the weekend past. More on that later.

Right now I am faced with a tough decision to make and in a pathetic attempt to avoid making the full decision solo, I am soliciting input from my friends and readers.

So…for the month of March I have been making a conscious effort to track my mileage and gas receipts for my commute to and from work.

The scenario:

In January I got a permanent part time position at a job I really love. The downside is, I work 5 days a week for an average of 4-6 hours each day. I drive about 40km in each direction to my place of work. The sick reality is gas is costing approximately $600/month. This is a little less than half what I take home in pay (after union dues, taxes etc.)

Recently I inquired about a job cleaning fancy vacation rental properties. Not glamorous by any stretch, but my Mom and I used to do this privately a few years ago and made some good mad money. The plus side of this opportunity is as follows:

A 10 minute drive to and from work. $2/hour more to start (compared to my current job) with a raise in a month or two. I work solo most of the time at swanky beach front properties.

The dilemma:

I really really enjoy my ppt job. BUT it is costing me to do it. So the decision seems obvious from an economical standpoint but I still feel torn.

The risk:
Right now there are some days scheduled in the next couple of weeks for the vacation property job and I’d need to give notice NOW to my current job. But there is a risk that there is not guaranteed every day work quite yet but will get busier as the nice weather approaches. Oh geez…just writing this all out is making my head spin.

Do I give up my ppt job and ask to stay “on-call”? Sure this is an option I suppose.

Ok….tell me what you think.

Thank you for reading and your input – I REALLLLLLY appreciate it.



5 responses to “With a little help from my friends

  1. You already have my input….as long as you can keep your foot in the door of the current job you enjoy, go for the money maker. Who knows, maybe down the road, something alongside the job you enjoy will come within a better commute and closer to home. Fuel prices are effecting everyone, and if you cant make ends meet due to the cost of the commute, its not unusual to rethink jobs being closer to home. If the other is as promising as it sounds, then I say go for it….as long as you can still keep an on call basis with the other job. 🙂 hope it helps, as I said before…that’s a tough call! 🙂

  2. Is the current PT job a window to a future dream job, or more just a ‘disposable’ job that you really like?

    • Well it’s a step in the direction I want to be in. However, the irony is is that there is a fair bit of cleaning involved in the PT job anyway! I think there is a chance I can resign from my position and stay on as an on-call person. I hope….

  3. Are there any cheaper ways of getting to the job you love, like public transport or car pooling?

  4. Unfortunately this is unlikely…since I moved to rural part of an island and the hours I work are not typical to a 9-5 type job. If it were possible I would have totally loved to carpool or rideshare or something…

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