Inspire Me

I am fumbling with writing. I am struggling with making time to write, exercise or finish a course I am taking for school. Not because there isn’t time….I think I have pushed myself for so long that I have completely shut myself down to these tasks now. I am not even sure how to kickstart this “slump” I find myself in.

Where the hell is the time going? Why do I have a mental block when it comes to completing my personal tasks? Ideas? How do you keep yourself in check?



4 responses to “Inspire Me

  1. I like to say to myself “you deserve to [insert result here]”. If the response is “who cares?” then I don’t bother pushing myself. EG:
    “you deserve to come home to a bed that’s made” – “I dont give a shit if the bed is made or not” = don’t make the bed
    “you deserve to see a shiny new post up on the blog” – “oo, yes, I do” = do the blog

    so, you could try “you deserve a certificate to show how much work you’ve put in to your studies”… what’s your response?
    or, “you deserve the endorphine high that exercise provides” or “you deserve to have a body that is fit and healthy”

    hope it helps xx

    • It DOES help thank you. I have yet to put my finger on it (*it* being whatever is blocking me) but at least I’m conscious of something being awry….
      Tonight I have derby which will be awesome…so at least that!
      Thanks for your ideas, you are right, the bed doesn’t need to be made! It can wait until I do all my other cool things first 🙂

  2. PS my comment is longer than your original post 😛

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