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start where?

It’s been so long I almost forgot how to do this. I honestly considered shutting down the old blog and starting fresh with a new one – simply because I felt I had left this all too long. But the ebb and flow of blogging and writing for “fun” can sometimes turn into this feeling of obligation followed by avoidance. Crazy right? So I opted to hold my head up and dive back in to switch things up yet again.

Here’s what has been keeping me busy….

For my chicken followers:

My flock of 30 day olds that I got back at the end of May are near fully grown – I have recently integrated them into the “old girls” flock and they should start laying in the next month. We culled off some of the roosters, there are a couple more to remove from the group and soon I will have a lovely and diverse flock of Buff Brahmas, Ameracauna X’s, ISA Browns and a couple random heritage birds. I commit to sharing some pictures soon!

Roller derby:

I am still obsessed with playing, and the team I play for has evolved. We played in our first home bout this summer and we won. The sad part of that is I took a fall during that game and have been set back with a nagging knee injury. I have started skating again but still experience stiffness and pain and I see the ortho again tomorrow. Cross your fingers that something good and productive comes of this appointment.


I went a bit nuts this year and took on three on-call jobs with the thought that “I’ll have diversity, flexibility etc” which was true…for a while. Recently I secured a permanent position at one of my on-call gigs, dropped one of the three and remain on-call at the one I really want a permanent gig at. Now, I have security and benefits!


I was lucky enough to have my family from Europe come visit this summer and spend nearly a month with us here on the island. It was fantastic to be able to see my nephew learn how to ride a two wheeler before my eyes, have camp outs in my backyard, and some tiny hands helping me in the garden, with the chickens and pretty much anything I did. I cherished every moment of it.


I live on the west coast of BC and typically we get very excited with the week or two heatwave we get in the summers here. This year, no word of a lie, it rained yesterday for the first time in months. Every single day was sunny and beautiful blue skies. It was incredible and I blame this for keeping me from my computer. How can you argue that?

So there it is…the catch-up in a nutshell. What’s happening in the next while? I plan on going mushroom picking next week and I can’t wait 🙂 I’ve been studying the National Audobon Society Mushroom book, watched some docs on mushroom picking and have a craving for some chanterelles! Most definitely will share pics of my successes (or failures).


Inspire Me

I am fumbling with writing. I am struggling with making time to write, exercise or finish a course I am taking for school. Not because there isn’t time….I think I have pushed myself for so long that I have completely shut myself down to these tasks now. I am not even sure how to kickstart this “slump” I find myself in.

Where the hell is the time going? Why do I have a mental block when it comes to completing my personal tasks? Ideas? How do you keep yourself in check?


With a little help from my friends

I know…I need to tell you all about the scrimmage on the weekend past. More on that later.

Right now I am faced with a tough decision to make and in a pathetic attempt to avoid making the full decision solo, I am soliciting input from my friends and readers.

So…for the month of March I have been making a conscious effort to track my mileage and gas receipts for my commute to and from work.

The scenario:

In January I got a permanent part time position at a job I really love. The downside is, I work 5 days a week for an average of 4-6 hours each day. I drive about 40km in each direction to my place of work. The sick reality is gas is costing approximately $600/month. This is a little less than half what I take home in pay (after union dues, taxes etc.)

Recently I inquired about a job cleaning fancy vacation rental properties. Not glamorous by any stretch, but my Mom and I used to do this privately a few years ago and made some good mad money. The plus side of this opportunity is as follows:

A 10 minute drive to and from work. $2/hour more to start (compared to my current job) with a raise in a month or two. I work solo most of the time at swanky beach front properties.

The dilemma:

I really really enjoy my ppt job. BUT it is costing me to do it. So the decision seems obvious from an economical standpoint but I still feel torn.

The risk:
Right now there are some days scheduled in the next couple of weeks for the vacation property job and I’d need to give notice NOW to my current job. But there is a risk that there is not guaranteed every day work quite yet but will get busier as the nice weather approaches. Oh geez…just writing this all out is making my head spin.

Do I give up my ppt job and ask to stay “on-call”? Sure this is an option I suppose.

Ok….tell me what you think.

Thank you for reading and your input – I REALLLLLLY appreciate it.


Ok this is just a quick rant!

I am a lover and student of people. I am interested in many topics related to humankind and the issues we create, face and overcome. I respect the right to ones’ own beliefs and religion and I expect the same in return.

Within the first week of moving into our new home in November I have been getting regular visits from a faith based group that continue to come to my door. I admire their devotion to their own beliefs and I explained this as well as my own beliefs which are different from theirs. I have politely asked for them to hold on to their reading material and perhaps save it for someone who will genuinely read and follow the literature. I am not ragging on religion, I am completely OK with it. All I am asking is for others to be OK with my right to my own belief system.

Please stop coming to my door and knocking, ringing the bell and wandering around to my backyard where I am playing with my dogs. You were not invited to my backyard. I have politely (MANY TIMES) asked that you refrain from coming and to save your time for someone that INVITES you to come speak with them. PLEASE…respect my right to my own beliefs as I respect yours.

Today I put up a NO SOLICITING sign….let’s see if that works.

All the best, and please do not take offense, I don’t think I am being out of line but if you think so, let me know.

A bit of a survey

Versatile Blogger Award? ok then that’s neat

So I was informed that I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award. Who knew? Thanks to The Ranting Liberal and Miss Edee who both were kind enough to do so. There are some rules to being a recipient which I will explain in just a second, but first I want to thank these folks for nominating me because it made me click on the some of the other people they nominated and do some more reading on a variety of different topics. I guess that’s the idea, and I like it. So thanks!


1) I have to nominate 15 other bloggers for the award (SPOILER ALERT: which will be tricky and you’ll see at the end that I need to read more blogs)

2) Let these nominees know about it

3) Share 7 random things about yourself

4) Thank the blogger who nominated you

5) Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic to your blog post

So I shall begin….

Seven random things about me:

1) I am trained to operate a variety of heavy construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, skid steers, front end loaders etc….I was doing this for a real job at the tender age of 23 and yes I certainly was the only young lady doing this job on any of the several jobsites I worked on. (Thanks to my Dad who never had any sons so I filled in)

2) I’ve never eaten a McDonald’s burger and was the only kid in my grade 3 class who didn’t participate in the McDonald’s 1x week lunch program. OUTCAST!

3) I’m really into socks. I particularly enjoy pattern socks and festive holiday socks. I go out of my way to wear holiday socks for the month of whatever holiday is going on.

4) I have anxiety being a passenger when someone else is driving. It’s not that I don’t trust people, I just like to have control of the wheel. (but i’m not an insane screamer of a passenger, it’s just that my heartrate goes through the roof and I often have to put my head between my legs)

5) I have started and stopped weight watchers more times than I can count and have decided that I am happy just the way I am. (mind you I have become more active and eat a lot healthier) and I still think Weight Watchers is a great program for people!

6) I was held at knife point by a drunk foreign guy while I worked at a hostel in Belfast N.Ireland 10 years ago and obviously lived to tell about it!

7) I have a collection of Wookiee action figures (mostly Chewbacca but I do have others) and I am secretly building a Wookiee army.


So now it is time to nominate other bloggers: (and I’d like to pick some of the folks I found from my nominators but I know they too have been nominated so I will do my best to nominate outside of the box)

Malavika She’s a “medical student by day, psychic diva by night”. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

a nickel to tell me A poet with “many personalities” including a Roller Derby Girl! THAT I am into!

Kate Spanish is a fashionista by day and a nurse by night. A fun blog about making up a unique and vintage style which is definitely fun.

sweetandweak According to him he’s a “I am a husband and a dad of two little girls.  I am a lone Y chromosome and am already planning my escape strategy to deal with the estrogen flood that is on its way.” Doesn’t that sound like a good read?

inpursuitofrealfood is a great blog about healthy food, fitness and nice pictures of delicious looking food. One of my first subscribers so I hold a special place for them in my blogging heart.

themiddlestsister is a new one I stumbled on thanks to Freshly Pressed. This is an amazingly talented blogger who does a web-comic “Each comic is painstakingly cut and pasted from scrap paper and other garbage I find in the junk drawer and recycling bin”. How neat is that? Check it out!

adayinyvetteslife a fairly honest and open-book blog about a young lady who “is ready to get her life started”.

Honestly I have to update this when I have more to add to my list of 15. I honestly don’t follow enough blogs but I am motivated to get some more on the go. So consider this part 1 of my acceptance speech 🙂



taking care of business

Things are moving forward all according to plan…I’ve received an employment pack from the new job. There is one hitch however. I need to have a TB test done and a letter of clearance from a physician stating I am physically/mentally able to do the job. Yes, it’s standard for this work. BUT since I am a transplant to this new small town I can’t get a friggin’ doctor! AND apparently there is a back log for TB tests here. What? I’ve had the test, it takes 30 seconds to scratch my arm and stick it on a slide. What the heck? I’ve put out some calls to a few lady doctors and am crossing my fingers one of them will take me in. Once I have that I can begin work (which would be nice if that could be very soon!).


Also! I am going to a derby practice this Thursday and I have come up with a clever name (but it will remain under wraps until I know I am on the team!) and I am so excited and nervous. I don’t know anyone there and haven’t skated indoors in 2 years….keep your fingers crossed for me!

School – yep it is still right there up in my face. In fact I am “working” on it right now. I should get back to it. This was just a quick update.

Peace out


one more thing!

Yes, the apple-header pictured above is one from our tree! I think that is pretty darn cool!

Does drinking a ton of V8 really count as getting my veggies in?

Moving is a lot of work. So is managing a full course load at school via correspondence (all done from home). Since we have taken the first full truck load over to our new place this past weekend, I am left with one of each type of dish at home and we have been working at “clearing out the fridge”, which equals – eating everything before we buy more. I am down to some flimsy carrots left in the fridge, and no they did not look edible. Gone. I noticed two unopened jugs of V8 on the pantry shelf and I thought “better start clearing off the pantry shelf”.

So, I’ve consumed a mass quantity of V8 in 36 hours. Does this count as getting my fruit and veg intake? I hope so.