The Commitment

So not too long ago one of my fellow roller derby team mates (and founder of our league) sent out a message to our Facebook group about commitment to becoming a team. Derby takes up time and energy but I love doing it and the way I feel when I improve my skills.

Not only do we/I as a team member need to go to practice and give it my all, I also need to work at becoming a healthier and more active person. I was inspired by her message because I have watched her throw herself into a huge life change which includes eating as a vegan, losing weight, and training in all sorts of activities to build endurance and stamina. When I read her post I thought “well I go to practice, I am healthyish….”
But really….I could be doing better. So rather than looking at the “learn to run” program I’ve downloaded…I’ve started it and I’m only in week one but it’s a start. Becoming a runner/athlete is hard, scary and daunting really….but I have heard from other runners that once they have gotten into it, it becomes natural.

Today I went for a walk/run at the beach with the dogs and I did not feel like I was going to puke….huzzah! Let’s see how the rest of the week goes 🙂
Any runner-readers out there? I’d love some tips.

Two days until the scrimmage 🙂



Scrimmage #2 For Me

So I’ve been so excited with my hens that I almost forgot to mention that I am playing in my second open scrimmage this weekend for Roller Derby!

So again, if you are wondering what an “open scrimmage” is – it is a game where the rosters are made up of several different leagues and teams to make two opposing teams. I live on an island and Roller Derby teams/leagues are popping up all over but there are few teams over here that have a full roster of their own “benchmarked” players (benchmark = players that have passed a required minimum set of skills).

I will be playing in the no/low contact scrimmage compared to the full contact one that follows for two reasons:

1) I still consider myself “fresh meat” and would like more experience before I start hitting players in bouts

2) I have a bit of an injury

I am super excited and just realized game day is 3 days away! Holy smokes! I will have a fan club coming with me (John) so hopefully by Monday I will have some action shots to post from Sunday’s scrimmage.

Now….I wait for the days to pass 🙂


The ladies are settling in

The hens are settling nicely – in two days we have gotten about 8 eggs (two broke – bummer!). We were pleasantly surprised they layed eggs since we expected a transition period due to the “traumatic move” we put them through and adjusting to their new home. We were wrong – they seem fine and this morning John and I enjoyed two eggs each with toast!

Success 🙂

Chicken Day

So my lazy, windy day went out the window soon after I hit “publish” on my earlier post. I was skyping with my sister and perusing Craigslist when I stumbled across an ad for a dozen or so free hens. I looked at the posting and it went up about 15 minutes before I read it, so I sent off a quick email.

Within an hour I was on my way to a nearby farm to load up 14 hens into the back of my pathfinder. A hilarious sight to see indeed. But the short story is, is that WE HAVE CHICKENS! And they were free! So far they seem quite content and curious with their new home and have successfully scratched at and plucked out the weeds in their coop.
So I’ve got 14 ISA Browns that I am hoping will lay some eggs once they settle in to their new digs.

Exciting stuff!


Wind Day

Today was meant to be my day off….I just got home from work, having worked an overnight shift. Yuck. Today was also meant to be seed planting day for our garden. There are near 100 km winds gusting across the island, it’s raining/snowing sideways and my truck was hydroplaning much of my 40+ km drive home. And it’s Monday – which usually means nothing to me since I work weekends, but today really feels like a severe case of the Mondays.

I am not sure if I’ll plant anything because I cannot bear to think about sitting outside (even if under cover) to plant seeds. In stead I think we’ll bundle up and go down to the water front to take in some spectacular waves.

Part of me wants to slip back into some jammies and lounge about on the couch.

We’ll see….

Ok this is just a quick rant!

I am a lover and student of people. I am interested in many topics related to humankind and the issues we create, face and overcome. I respect the right to ones’ own beliefs and religion and I expect the same in return.

Within the first week of moving into our new home in November I have been getting regular visits from a faith based group that continue to come to my door. I admire their devotion to their own beliefs and I explained this as well as my own beliefs which are different from theirs. I have politely asked for them to hold on to their reading material and perhaps save it for someone who will genuinely read and follow the literature. I am not ragging on religion, I am completely OK with it. All I am asking is for others to be OK with my right to my own belief system.

Please stop coming to my door and knocking, ringing the bell and wandering around to my backyard where I am playing with my dogs. You were not invited to my backyard. I have politely (MANY TIMES) asked that you refrain from coming and to save your time for someone that INVITES you to come speak with them. PLEASE…respect my right to my own beliefs as I respect yours.

Today I put up a NO SOLICITING sign….let’s see if that works.

All the best, and please do not take offense, I don’t think I am being out of line but if you think so, let me know.

Chicken Business #2

As promised, the in progress pics:

It doesn’t look like much, but notice that lack of significant holes aka “ankle breakers” in the ground. All tilled up!

This is the inside where the roosts are. This will likely be the last time it’ll be this clean for a while…..

This is the “people” side of the coop – where lighting is dealt with, food, equipment and rat poison for now.

I’m kind of fixated on chickens right now, my apologies if I am boring you to death. But I can’t wait!


Chicken Business

I had two whole days off from work and roller derby this week. The sun was out (albeit very chilly out) so we began working out in the chicken coop. I will provide some “before shots” this post and some “after shots” in the near future.

This is the outside of the coop/chicken house: this week we worked on monitoring the presence of rats – gross. We need to get ventilator masks for when we actually have chickens in there due to the strong odours. I’m tossing around the idea of making a neat sign with a name for the house…..

One side of the run – very rugged and lots of pot holes, bones, and random eggs!

I’ve contacted a few local breeders for some chickens – the goal is by April to have them up and running. Can’t wait!

We also tackled some other outdoor chores this week including: cleaning out and around the pond that we have ( I am tossing around the idea of keeping some ducks and making a duck house – fun), and assessed our garden for what we will plant since we kinda need to get rolling on that.

I will throw some updated pics up soon!


Welcome Newcomers

As my survey post earlier today may have given away, I have been thinking about the direction this blog is going in or not going in. I’ve been toying with different ideas on a separate roller derby one or trying to narrow in on something more specific. I have yet to figure that all out, but in the meantime I have noticed some new subscribers.

Welcome new subscribers!

So I’ve further been thinking about why I write or what I write about. Basically, it’s my way of working through my life events while inviting others for input, support or to share some of my experiences. I don’t think I lead a particularly exciting life, but some way or another I have interested a few people to come along for the ride which I feel pretty honoured by. Thanks for reading and not being all judgey.

I like to write things down. Sometimes I have superb ideas (in my mind) and sometimes I need to make a list, or other times I just randomly write down the first words that come to my mind (and it won’t make any sense or even be in sentences, I just write down random words). I enjoy the process of jotting things down. Sometimes I write down jokes I hear (because I can never remember jokes when I need them) or other times I write the lyrics of songs I like, or names or grocery lists. To me, writing is fun and soothing.

I also enjoy thinking about the injustices in the world and how I would change them if I were some sort of superpower. I enjoy daydreaming about winning the lottery or being a wizard – and then I make a list about how I would spend my lottery winnings and use my wizardry.

And now I am rambling…sorry.

Welcome newcomers, feel free to make a comment or share a link or something. If you are a fellow blogger, I’ll make an effort to come see your blog.