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Accepting defeat

Today is a sad day for me and I couldn’t figure out how else to channel my feelings, so I thought I’d reach out blog-style. I have pets, and I love them very much. I have had a cat for years and a couple of years ago I adopted the cat I currently have. She’s a nice cat but very very shy. She often hides most of the day and wanders around at night.

We (my partner and I) have been experiencing a troubling issue with our cat for 1.5 years. She pees on our belongings. Unfortunately it is mostly on my partner’s clothes, bags, work stuff but on other occasions it has been random: our bed, blankets, laundry. It sucks. I have taken her to the vet (many times) and been told she is healthy and it is behavioural. I have tried artificial hormones (like a “glade” plug-in with cat-friendly scents), cleaning the litter box daily, vet recommended food, playing with her, talking to her, fancy litter box. I have tried and tried and tried. I love her so much that I have spent money that I don’t have to try to curb this problem. It has caused a great strain and tension in the house now because I am constantly in fear that she’ll do it again and I won’t find it in time.

A few weeks ago while doing laundry, we discovered she had done it again and peed on a fancy wool sweater of John’s. Disappointing indeed. We had a talk…….It has to stop because it isn’t fair for anyone now. If the cat is upset or doesn’t like someone or her surroundings then I have to accept that. We just can’t keep finding our belongings marked. So the talk resulted in a last effort to “socialize” her more, which she does but she still managed to do it again. This time on an expensive piece of work equipment (that is fabric – kind of like a giant heating pad) that John uses for work.

Today I am faced with having to find her a new home and it makes me so incredibly sad. As I said, I would rather her be in a home that she is happy and relaxed rather than force her to stay here and be upset. But I can’t help but feel that I have failed somehow. She acts happy and lovey to me but she keeps doing this behaviour. I am sure that I will come off as a heartless bitch for parting with her, but that is far from who I really am. I am a sad pet owner that has run out of ideas and energy to curb this problem that has taken over my house in the last while.

My feeling is that my beloved kitty is best with a single lady rather than a big guy and two dogs (and me). I only hope that I can find the right person and that I will have the strength to let her go and not allow my own ego and emotions get in the way.