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Encounters of a door to door Meat Salesman…for real!

Meat packages in a Roman supermarket.

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In all of my life I have never encountered a for real door to door salesman in the business of MEAT (nor did I realize they existed). Until yesterday. How can it possibly be, that for the first time in my existence as a happy and formerly oblivious carnivore that the exact time in my life I have decided to be meat-free (with the previously mentioned exceptions) I encounter such an occurance? Odd.

So here’s how it all unfolded….

I’m sitting at work after having prepared lunch for one of the people I was supporting, when suddenly there is a knock at her door. Upon answering it, a friendly middle-aged fellow introduced himself as a representative for ___________ Fine Meats (blank indicates a name I’ve left out for privacy reasons). He tells me that he does deliveries and always carries some extra boxes and likes to knock on doors nearby. He claims that the meat is organic. So, I say I may be interested in taking a look (mainly for my own research interests).

Out we go to his truck. I know, creepy right? It wasn’t really, but it sure sounds like it, plus I was under the watchful eye of the lady I was supporting. Anyways, he begins to unload slightly thicker-than pizza boxes of various meats and begins his sales pitch. Immediately I interrupt and repeat that I am ONLY interested in what is supposedly organic and free range. He kept showing me all of the meat – some marinated in a questionable looking thick orangey brown goo.

As he finally brought out the “organic” and “free range” meat, I asked him if he knew where exactly the cuts came from. His response: “Alberta & BC” I clarified, by asking if he knew the farms or the farmers or had a card for his company so that I could inquire to the owner of _______ Fine Meats.

His response was very defensive at this point. He explained (in a very frustrated tone) that their company deals with “so many huge outfits” that they likely would not be able to provide me with exactly where the meat originated. Hmmmm. It’s kind of scary not really knowing where it all comes from now.

The more I get into this, the more I can’t stop thinking about how disconnected we’ve become from our food and the earth. The salesman was pissed off with me for asking what farms the cows/chickens/turkeys lived. Granted, he was doing his job of selling (or trying to) meat. My point is that he didn’t seem to grasp that I was pointing out that I am genuinely interested in the origins of my food.

All of this seems very ironic to me. I mean there must be a reason that the meat guy showed up on my doorstep (literally) yesterday in the midst of my lifestyle change.

Those ferry turkeys almost a month ago have really shaken me up!

I continue to feel amazing however, and have experimented with some tasty recipes with Quinoa and tons of veggies.  The saga continues 🙂