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One more DAY!

So tomorrow is scrimmage day. For those of you who may be interested, I thought I would share the link if you want to watch it live online tomorrow.

By clicking here¬†you can watch all the excitement tomorrow. I am in the first scrimmage and the whistle blows at 12:30pm PST. I’m on team black!

Hope you can check it out!!

Happy weekend, I’m off to tune my gear and head out to see the chickens.
Adios ūüôā



Scrimmage #2 For Me

So I’ve been so excited with my hens that I almost forgot to mention that I am playing in my second open scrimmage this weekend for Roller Derby!

So again, if you are wondering what an “open scrimmage” is – it is a game where the rosters are made up of several different leagues and teams to make two opposing teams. I live on an island and Roller Derby teams/leagues are popping up all over but there are few teams over here that have a full roster of their own “benchmarked” players (benchmark = players that have passed a required minimum set of skills).

I will be playing in the no/low contact scrimmage compared to the full contact one that follows for two reasons:

1) I still consider myself “fresh meat” and would like more experience before I start hitting players in bouts

2) I have a bit of an injury

I am super excited and just realized game day is 3 days away! Holy smokes! I will have a fan club coming with me (John) so hopefully by Monday I will have some action shots to post from Sunday’s scrimmage.

Now….I wait for the days to pass ūüôā


A’s all over the place!

Yep, you read it right…final marks include A’s across the board. Yeeeehaww!

Other than geeking¬†out on my marks, not too much to report as of late. I have had miserable weather for my paper route (like huge emphasis on MISERABLE), there has been sideways rain, sleet, wind and more rain. Luckily I have my trusty rain hat that I swear by. I realize it’s not a fashion statement by any means but when it comes to weather like this I am one happy camper beneath my rain hat. I have had many jobs outside such as construction, landscaping, my route, I like to camp, hike and be outside. Without this hat I would not be nearly as willing to participate in the above activities. So how awesome is my hat? See for yourself…….

¬†I’ve had a couple of exciting practices this week at roller derby¬†too. I am getting ready to try to do my minimum skills¬†test in a week and last night I¬†got a little over zealous. You see, I tend to fall a bit (when I say a bit, I mean more like quite a lot), but I chalk it up to that¬†I am trying hard. Last night I had a¬†really really¬†good fall that resulted in a¬†trip to the emergency for x-rays. I landed pretty hard on one side¬†and thought I had done something serious to my elbow, but luckily I got off easy with no breaks and an Rx to ice the crap out of it for a few days. Phewf! I also managed to do a doozy on my lower butt¬†cheek that made¬†driving¬†home one¬†handed¬†and nearly one butt-cheeked very interesting. What was awesome was that some of¬†my derby sisters drove me to the¬†ER and waited and cheered me on as I went through the embarrassing¬†process of explaining myself to the doctor. They were planning on where I would stay or who would get me home (since I live out-of-town) which was so awesome because I felt very taken care of. I guess this is what they mean by “derby love“, cause I felt it! Thanks team!!! XOXO

**Warning, I’ve added a risqu√© pic of my booty here to show my war wound**¬†

You’ll notice that the¬†part circled in red is enlarged….The picture doesn’t do it justice though,¬†when I looked down at it last night it was as if a can of coke was growing underneath my skin – it was large. Ice is my best friend today and I think I’ll have the swelling under control in time for Sundays’ practice!

So the rest of my day includes playing video games, reading, knitting (if my elbow agrees with that) and thinking up ways to change the world! Muh hahahahahahahaha.

Oh ya! One more thing…I¬†found out yesterday from my sisterfriend¬†(what John’s sis and I refer to each other¬†by) when the baby’s eviction notice is – February 3rd which is NEXT FRIDAY! So I will be heading stateside next week for the excitement! WOOO¬†YAA!

Keep it real out there


Derby Awesomeness has arrived

The moment I’ve been waiting for (for longer than I want to admit but may be along the lines of a number of years) has arrived. This morning while on MSN video chat with my niece and nephew over seas I spotted a suspicious white van driving up my driveway. Assuming it was the local faith-based group that keep coming to convert us (who came by 20 minutes after the van) I shouted for John to get the door and carried on talking to my family.

To my very happy surprise, my fresh meat derby skates arrived!

Aren’t they nice? I can hardly wait until practice tomorrow night to feel the difference of doing derby drills in proper skates (I still¬†love my leopard ones but these are the real deal baby!) and hopefully not be dragging my butt behind the others. Thank you Santa!!! (ahem, *cough John cough*)

So what’s the scoop for¬†today? Continue doing¬†homework¬†while¬†wearing my skates of course. I have¬†other topics to write about later today but my goal is to bang out one more assignment before I allow myself blog time. Willpower!


*these came from Rollergirl which is an awesome online store with excellent customer service!