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Ethical Meat, I haven’t forgotten you!

I haven’t talked much about the ethical meat eating plan lately. I am still on it, going strong since August. That is, no non-ethically raised meat in my mouth. Went digging in the deep freeze for dinner tonight and pulled out some steaks from Outwest Ranches (South Surrey) so I am hoping to turn these bad boys into something delish.

I am still really happy about the decision and although it takes some getting used to, the peace of mind that I have about knowing where my food comes from is worth it! Plus, I have been pushed to try cooking all vegetarian-style which ain’t so bad after all. I am craving a burger though, which is ok because I also have 1lb of ground beef from Ryder Lake Beef Sales from the fall. Maybe this weekend…..

But for the next two days I will probably eat vegetarian-like so I guess I better do some recipe research!

Back to working on those legwarmers, which are moving right along quite nicely.