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A’s all over the place!

Yep, you read it right…final marks include A’s across the board. Yeeeehaww!

Other than geeking out on my marks, not too much to report as of late. I have had miserable weather for my paper route (like huge emphasis on MISERABLE), there has been sideways rain, sleet, wind and more rain. Luckily I have my trusty rain hat that I swear by. I realize it’s not a fashion statement by any means but when it comes to weather like this I am one happy camper beneath my rain hat. I have had many jobs outside such as construction, landscaping, my route, I like to camp, hike and be outside. Without this hat I would not be nearly as willing to participate in the above activities. So how awesome is my hat? See for yourself…….

 I’ve had a couple of exciting practices this week at roller derby too. I am getting ready to try to do my minimum skills test in a week and last night I got a little over zealous. You see, I tend to fall a bit (when I say a bit, I mean more like quite a lot), but I chalk it up to that I am trying hard. Last night I had a really really good fall that resulted in a trip to the emergency for x-rays. I landed pretty hard on one side and thought I had done something serious to my elbow, but luckily I got off easy with no breaks and an Rx to ice the crap out of it for a few days. Phewf! I also managed to do a doozy on my lower butt cheek that made driving home one handed and nearly one butt-cheeked very interesting. What was awesome was that some of my derby sisters drove me to the ER and waited and cheered me on as I went through the embarrassing process of explaining myself to the doctor. They were planning on where I would stay or who would get me home (since I live out-of-town) which was so awesome because I felt very taken care of. I guess this is what they mean by “derby love“, cause I felt it! Thanks team!!! XOXO

**Warning, I’ve added a risqué pic of my booty here to show my war wound** 

You’ll notice that the part circled in red is enlarged….The picture doesn’t do it justice though, when I looked down at it last night it was as if a can of coke was growing underneath my skin – it was large. Ice is my best friend today and I think I’ll have the swelling under control in time for Sundays’ practice!

So the rest of my day includes playing video games, reading, knitting (if my elbow agrees with that) and thinking up ways to change the world! Muh hahahahahahahaha.

Oh ya! One more thing…I found out yesterday from my sisterfriend (what John’s sis and I refer to each other by) when the baby’s eviction notice is – February 3rd which is NEXT FRIDAY! So I will be heading stateside next week for the excitement! WOOO YAA!

Keep it real out there



Excitement all around!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I went to my first roller derby practice – not knowing a single person there. Yep, I was nervous as sh*t. BUT, the gals I met there were so welcoming and non-judgey and cool that I feel like I’ve found a new pack. Very exciting. I can’t wait to keep it up and improve with skating and one day play in a real bout. Finally my geeking out can pay off! The team I’ve skated with hosted their first ever bout/scrimmage this weekend so John and I went to check it out (he’s never seen a live derby bout, unlike me) and it was so much fun. He’s definitely into it now, and I am more than ever. So very excited about it all. And in a couple of days I will unleash some top-secret awesomeness………

I finally had my orientation at the new job last week….all paperwork is in order. On top of that, I got a call to interview for another place I applied to (a long shot really) so I went for it last Friday. Honestly (though I don’t want to jinx it) I feel like it went really well. I would be so pleased to get the call about this one….a real accomplishment for me. So – cross your fingers now please.

I managed to finish and submit 4 BIG assignments last week. That was insane but exciting and satisfying…but I won’t let my guard down there will be more. There is always more.

KNITTING! Yes, I have started a new project – super cool retro leg warmers. It’s more of an experiment really….modifying a pattern/making it up a little with some yarn I’ve had kicking around for ever. It’s too early to tell how they’ll turn out but here’s a snapshot of the start.And all the knitting magic happens at my “Granny Station”. My Granny Station consists of my glider/rocker that my grandma who’s gone now left for me, and the blanky that I wrap myself in was crocheted by my other grandma who I just got off the phone for over an hour with. I like my Granny Station – good things happen there. Maybe I should figure out how to crochet again…it’s been a long time. Anyways.

So this is the excitement today. Another Monday of school, knitting, waiting to hear about the job and dreaming of ways to change the world.

Happy day peeps