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Hey Santa! Slow down!

I went to my first Santa Claus parade in several years last night. Since I’ve relocated to a much smaller town than I am used to, I was expecting it to be a quaint but enjoyable event.

We arrived early enough to find parking and stake out our spot on the parade route – a good front row position on a corner so we could see more than just being on one street.

The parade started at 5pm and we were ready, santa hats and all.

Now, I’m not sure if it is because I am an adult now or because I hadn’t been to a Santa parade in I don’t know how long…but I felt very underwhelmed by the events.

There were a few neat trucks pulling trailers with lights on them, and people and decorations. There was even a random guy dressed as Iron Man – why? I do not know.

A marching band made it better however.

So within 15 minutes the parade was coming to an end, and we had our camera ready for the big man in the red suit. Unfortunately, Santa’s truck was going faster than any of the floats that went by, so much so that I seriously thought Mrs. Claus was going to take a tumble when they turned our corner. What was even more disappointing, was that Santa and the Mrs. were not even facing our side (the side with the MOST people actually) so our great spot and photo op, resulted in Mr. & Mrs. Claus bums.

There was one redeeming part of the parade…..there was a back up Santa that was walking (albeit very briskly) behind the speeding Santa float…..(what must the children be thinking though?)