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So one of my goals was to read the newspaper (like a proper one) daily. Since I am struggling with time management, I have now switched my radio in my truck to the CBC station where I listen while I drive (because I drive alot. Thursday I caught an interesting piece on the over sexualization of young children and the overuse of technology – something that I have thought a lot about and am quite bothered by. I then caught the whole story on Doc Zone (CBC documentaries weekly) and thought I would share this. If you have children of any age, or work with them or even notice the major differences from when you were young, check this out. This subject needs to be addressed and acknowledged – the subject being preserving childhood, proper sex education and setting boundaries around the use of technology. Call me old fashioned, but I see myself more of an addict of morals and age appropriateness.

Please share this or read it and talk about it with more people!

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really quickly but REALLY important for all ladies (and gents)

I stumbled across this article here from the Daily Mail and I think it is a necessary reminder to how distorted the images are of a “typical” beautiful woman in the media. It reminded me that although we are always in a race to better ourselves (healthwise, morals, education, fitness) we need to remember what IS healthy. I know I’ll never be a super model skinny gal, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not a hot tamale. And I’d like to know how many guys out there are really attracted to bone-thin women? I know my guy constantly tells me that he’d rather have a proportioned gal with more than just skin on bones, so I’m satisfied with that. Plus, I tell myself each day what I like about myself and encourage you to do the same. Recall an older post here to remind you that I am not some stuck up chick who’s all high and mighty on myself, I just think it’s really important to have a healthy love for yourself.

Feel good about yourselves people, and if you can, make someone else feel good about themselves too!

Back to studying – final exam tomorrow YIKES!!!


Ziptrek is truly Amazing

Ziptrek is truly Amazing.

I am proud to have worked here for a number of years (a number of years ago now!) and encourage anyone to visit Whistler (or now New Zealand!) to check this place out. You’ll love it!!

The Tyee – Girl Meets Boy

The Tyee – Girl Meets Boy.


I find this first part of a two part series article, very interesting. I have been curious on how those in the transgender community want to be addressed, included and understood. This is a really good intro and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s second half!

Jack Layton’s last letter to Canadians – Politics – CBC News#.TlKblK4jKl8.facebook

Jack Layton’s last letter to Canadians – Politics – CBC News#.TlKblK4jKl8.facebook.


A truly moving letter by a monumental guy.

OBITUARY: Jack Layton’s legacy as a fighter – Politics – CBC News

OBITUARY: Jack Layton’s legacy as a fighter – Politics – CBC News.

A major loss for Canadians. He will be sadly missed and remembered for his major contributions to Canadian Politics. I am proud to have voted for the NDP as Jack Layton lead this party historically into the official opposition. Thank you Jack for your service.

The Tyee – Why Shave Your Nether Regions?

The Tyee – Why Shave Your Nether Regions?.

For ladies (or gents) who could use a laugh or relate to this. I never thought I would read such a long article about pubic hair.

The Tyee – Is Western Democracy Shattering?

The Tyee – Is Western Democracy Shattering?.