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Derby Awesomeness has arrived

The moment I’ve been waiting for (for longer than I want to admit but may be along the lines of a number of years) has arrived. This morning while on MSN video chat with my niece and nephew over seas I spotted a suspicious white van driving up my driveway. Assuming it was the local faith-based group that keep coming to convert us (who came by 20 minutes after the van) I shouted for John to get the door and carried on talking to my family.

To my very happy surprise, my fresh meat derby skates arrived!

Aren’t they nice? I can hardly wait until practice tomorrow night to feel the difference of doing derby drills in proper skates (I still love my leopard ones but these are the real deal baby!) and hopefully not be dragging my butt behind the others. Thank you Santa!!! (ahem, *cough John cough*)

So what’s the scoop for today? Continue doing homework while wearing my skates of course. I have other topics to write about later today but my goal is to bang out one more assignment before I allow myself blog time. Willpower!


*these came from Rollergirl which is an awesome online store with excellent customer service!