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Small Town adjustments

So I am loving living in the small town we moved to in November. Just loving it. It has been quite a change for me, but I expected that. The biggest challenge has been uprooting my life and comfort zone and planting new roots: finding a job, meeting people to hang out with, navigating my way around the area, figuring out what stores carry Island Farms Dairy products. These are all changes that I had anticipated and feel that I am doing a fine job at figuring out.

Here are a few challenges I hadn’t even thought about but have been faced with:

  • Garbage/food waste/recycling days – I love the idea of mandatory composting and recycling but the calendar for each pick up day is MADNESS. Each of these random days mess with my mind and on more than one occasion I have remembered that “today is food waste day!” while I am in the shower at approximately the time the pick up truck comes. Yes, I have leaped out of the shower, thrown on a house coat, soaking wet and grabbed the bin and gone running down the what feels like a mile long driveway to get the bin out on time. I haven’t missed yet, but it doesn’t seem to get less ridiculous for me. And now that the new year is upon us, the schedule is about to get all sorts of out of whack.
  • Power outages in the country. Recall my insane fear of the dark. It gets windy here and the power likes to go out from time to time which can be fun until you are alone, at night. Scary. Also, I am on well-water which means: no power, no water. I foresee a generator in my future.
  • Ghost town! The town shuts down before dinner time and doesn’t open until 10am. It’s funny. No such thing as a 24 hour anything. I don’t mind it, I feel like it makes me more prepared.

But all in all, things are going just fine here in the new home. I’m getting excited for the spring when I can stock up on live chicks for the chicken coop!